Why Should I Buy a Luxury Purse?


Hello everyone! 

In this blog post I am going to talk about the 2 reasons why you should buy a luxury purse and especially one of the classics.   

On one hand, those handbags as they are called, are timeless, you can wear them with mostly everything! If you read my previous blog post about the 5 classics, you could notice that some of them had been invented decades ago and are still on trend nowadays. 


For example, the 2.55 of Chanel and especially the black one. It appeared for the first time in 1955 with Coco Chanel wearing it. She is wearing it with a classy outfit as you can see.  

Moreover, you can wear it with a lot of different styles as you can see on the following pictures. The 2.55 of Chanel doesn’t only go with a classy outfit and high heels but also with a more casual one and trainers.  












As you might already know, the Boy from Chanel designed by Karl Lagerfeld, is becoming the new it bag from Chanel. Even if its bargain price is not yet as higher as it purchase price; it will probably happen in the near future.  


The Louis Vuitton’s handbags such as the “Speedy” and the “Neverfull” are also a good example. Even though their canvas is monogrammed, they go with mostly everything. You can see below an example of how I wore my “Neverfull”.   

On the other hand, the luxury goods market is going very well and keep growing. According to the 16th edition of the Bain Luxury Study, published by Bain & Company, the luxury goods market grew by 5% to an estimated 1.2 trillion globally in 2017. Moreover, the market for personnal luxury goods, reached a record high of 262 billion in 2017. A growth which should continue at a 4-5% the three following years. Thus, the classics kept growing in value. 


For example, the 2.55 of Chanel used to cost 1650 euros in 2005, 2850 euros in 2010 to finally reached 4400 euros in 2012.  

The price of the « Birkin » from Hermes, increased by 500% in 35 years.  

Consequently, if you get tired of your bag you will be able to sell it easily and probably at a higher price than you bought it.  

If this blog post convinced you, you can find luxury handbags at unbeatable price on our website. The investment will be even more worth it! 

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