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Welcome to the first Brand Connection blog post! A blog post about Luxury and Fashion will be published weekly, so do not hesitate to take a look! In this first post, we’re going to talk about 5 classics. I mean, those iconic purses which came out for some of them many decades ago and that we still find on the runways nowadays.  

The 2.55 of Chanel

You no longer need to be introduced to this famous purse; we’ve seen it everywhere since its creation in February 1955, hence its name the 2.55. What characterises this handbag is its quilted lambskin leather, its chain body strap as well as its practical 7 pockets. The clasp which is a symbol of the brand, only appeared in 1983 when Karl Lagerfeld became the Chanel artistic director. We also call it the “Timeless” from there. Nowadays, nearly 3000 different models exist in terms of size, colour and material. 



The Speedy of Louis Vuitton

As famous as the previous purse, the “Speedy Monogram LV” of Louis Vuitton was created in 1930. The aim of this handbag is to make travels easier for a population which is traveling more and more often. It was born from an existing model; the travel bag “Keepal” but in a smaller version of course. However, this purse only became iconic 30 years later when Audrey Hepburn used to wear it in a daily basis. Throughout the years, the “Speedy” was modernised and declined to different colours and canvas. To illustrate, when Marc Jacobs became the artistic director, he invited famous artists to personalise it. 

Lady Dior

Formerly called « Favourite », this purse appeared in 1994 in the aim to create a bag with a strong identity in a world which is quite minimalist at that time. It is inspired from the Napoleon III chair which used a special topstitching technic. Moreover, every purse have a decorative jewelry; the four letters of Dior. Two years later, its name changed for “Lady Dior” as an honour to the princess Lady Di. Indeed, she got it as a gift from Bernadette Chirac during the “Grand Palais” inauguration. She will wear it all the time and will be then responsible for its success. Nowadays, a lot of different models exist in terms of colours and materials.  


The Luggage of Céline 

Contrarily to the other ones, the “Luggage” bag from Céline has taken its place as a classic in only a few years. Indeed, this model which offers an innovate handbag shape, was launched in 2010 by the new artistic director, Phoebe Philo. It will quickly be declined in different format, colour and material in order to always appeal new people.


The Classic First of Balenciaga 

As the « Luggage » handbag from Céline, the « Classic first » from Balenciaga quickly became after its launch in 2000, an iconic handbag. It can be explained by two reasons. On one hand, its modernity; a distressed lambskin leather very thin and that you can carry by hand or across your body. On the other hand, this handbag was extremely difficult to find until 2005. The “Classic first” exclusivity was as huge as everybody wanted it. Nowadays, more than 100 different colours are offered.  

Here it is! I hope you liked this blogpost! If you’re interested in buying one of those purses, you can find them on our website at unbeatable prices. Take a look at the links below.  

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