12 Handbag Trends Spring - Summer 2018


Hello everyone!

In this blog post, I am going to talk about 12 handbags trends of this Spring and Summer. Be prepared to be a fashionista!

All of the trends are illustrated by luxury handbags from the Spring – Summer 2018 collection as those brands mainly defined the trends. However, you will be able to find more vintage ones on our website.

Pastel colours

Colourful but not too much, the pastel colours handbags are the perfect option for a light touch of colour.

Warm colours (orange, red, yellow, fuchsia)

By contrast, if you’re looking for a handbag with true colours, those are perfect. Personally, I am obsessed with red handbags; they’re colourful but classy at the same time. And inversely at what we could think, they are very easy to wear.

Metallic effect

Those are the handbags to be seen! I advise you to buy those kinds of handbags in a neutral colour so that you can wear them often.

Belt bag

The famous bum bag from the 90s is coming back. It is the perfect accessory for the shopping afternoon for example; no bulky bags anymore, only a small one around your waist.


Floral print

Flowers print are coming back every single year so I would describe those handbags as the perfect spring purse.

Circular bags

Bored of basic rectangular purses, go for a circular one!

Raffia handbags

The raffia handbag is the must of this summer 2018. You can find them in almost every single brand and I personally love them!

Exotic handbags: crocodile, lizard and leopard leather

Exotic handbags are just timeless and they bring style to the basic outfits.

Fringed purses

Are you looking for a Coachella style? Fringed purses are the best option.

Personalized shoulder straps

What is good with those purses is that you can style them how you want by changing the shoulder strap.

Purses embroidered with pearls and sequins

If you’re looking for a personalized handbag but not too extravagant; the ones with pearls and sequins are perfect.


Bucket bags

A trendy purse in which you can carry all your belongings; this is the bucket bag.

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