about us


Experts in second-hand luxury since 2006

Brand Connection Paris was born from two brothers who have a passion for French luxury and traditional handcrafting and are driven by deep relationships established all over the world with exceptional vintage collectors. All of this is the realization of solid experience and expertise acquired over the years in the leather goods and luxury luggage market.

Leading French luxury brands

The founders of Brand Connection's love of the equestrian world led them to specialize in searching for rare and vintage Hermès pieces. They then extended their expertise to other prestigious French labels such as Chanel, for their legendary quilted pieces, and Louis Vuitton, for their luggage.

Our shared mission

Brand Connection’s mission is to find the finest French luxury products and share them with you.

The finest European products

Brand Connection is now recognized for delivering a wide collection of luxury, pre-owned leather goods, luggage and accessories within Europe. Members of Brand Connection staff will be delighted to discuss your needs and provide you with all the necessary information on the products they suggest to you.


why buy from brand connection?

Prestigious houses

Brand Connection propose only the most exceptional pieces from well known French designers because they represent the essence of luxury and handcrafting. We specialize in Hermès and Chanel and we also include some pieces from Louis Vuitton, Dior, Celine and Yves Saint Laurent in our collection.

Vintage and second-hand

We contribute to the longevity of prestigious French products by offering them a new life. This allows us to offer you vintage luxury goods at a more affordable price while ensuring quality and authenticity.

Authentic products

Our products go through a rigorous authentication process before being presented on our website. Our team consists of experts in luggage and accessory and former employees of the biggest French luxury brands. This combination allows us to ensure maximum quality products and high customer satisfaction. You can invest in our products with confidence via our website.

Rare and unique pieces

We select the most exceptional products you can find. We strive to track down rare and exclusive products. We want to provide you with the finest quality of assistance. Some of our product offer a strong investment opportunity, due to their exceptional assets and their rarity on the collectible market.

Product Authentication

Brand Connection has specialized in the luxury second-hand market for over 7 years. The "Brand Connection Workshop", our expert office in authentication evaluates all products. The team is comprised of professionals with many years of experience in luxury and lovers of luxury who have learned from their purchases for Brand Connection. They are supported by former employees of French designer houses and recognized local experts. Thus, the staff offers a meticulous expertise and we can guarantee 100% authenticity on our platforms.

The five main stages of Brand Connection authentication

  • A preliminary product selection is performed (during the temporary products acquisition.) Dubious products or products which do not meet our standards are returned to their owners.
  • An internal appraisal then takes place. A complete inspection of the product is carried out with advanced authentication techniques before presentation of the product on the website. Any product with suspicious features is immediately removed from the inventory and destroyed.
  • Final authentication of our stock is performed on a regular basis by independent expert firms recognized by the state in order to complete the work already initiated by our experts and to guarantee 100% authenticity on all of our products.
  • All our products are bought cash from our customers, and by owning 100% of our inventory, we financially support our guarantees.
  • Each purchase made via our site will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by us.

    The Brand Connection team is actively working to combat counterfeiting. We strive to ensure a quality service in compliance with luxury brands’ traditional codes and the image that we convey.

condition guide

N Brand new Has never been used or no signs of use, like new Yes
AA Perfect condition Perfect condition, almost new, used on very few occasions. Yes
A Excellent condition Showing very slight signs of wear, kept in excellent condition Yes